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Legendary rock journo Dave Franklin has given our new single ‘waiting (For Rock n Roll To Come Around)’ and awesome review on the site Dancing About Architechture (writing about music is like dancing about architechture gettit?).

“I have to say, it’s a fair question, especially considering the state of rock music today. It’s either washed out with pop’s saccharine sweetness to make it more accessible to the mainstream audience or cranked up with metal bombast and overkill as if making music was some sort of sonic dick measuring contest. What happened to rock ‘n’ roll? What happened to groove? What happened to swagger and attitude? In the case of The Brazilians, the answer is in the question.

Blending the lyrical wit and wisdom of Supersuckers and the musical chops of AC/DC getting their blues on, Waiting (For Rock n Roll to Come Around) is a self-fulfilling prophecy. It is full of foot-on-the-monitor grooves, fist-in-the-air singalong theatrics and gritty, low-slung garage rock grunt, and, to answer my earlier questions, groove, swagger and attitude.

It may be, quite purposefully, reinventing the sonic wheel but at least The Brazilians have been smart enough to add some tasteful white walls, burnt that rubber until the street is full of smoke and they have woken up the neighbours and then careered off down the road leaving a trail of noxious fumes, empty beer cans and rubber track marks on the tarmac as they head into the sunset.

Waiting For Rock n Roll to Come Around? I think the wait is over.”

Thanks Dave!