For those that came in late..

The Brazilians were borne in the pubs nestled amongst the Mulgrave Delta cane fields of deep far north Queensland. The band got their start playing loud and proud, the twin guitar attack of Macalpine & Williams competing against the industrial din of the Gordonvale sugar mill pumping 24/7 across the road from their gigs.

In September 2018 The Brazilians busted out of the cane fields with the release of their debut album, Delta. With eleven powerful cuts, including the red hot lead-single “Delta Queen”, and thunderously epic follow-up single “Rise Up” – the entire set-list blazes from beginning to end.

September 2019 The Brazilians released “Jet Black Soul” the first of a string of singles leading up to their next album. The video for Jet Black Soul received over 14000 views on facebook in the first week of release.

In November 2021 The Brazilians released their sophomore album “Black Wolf” and the boisterous ear worm single “Waiting (For Rock n Roll To Come Around)”

If you got the bands AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, Led Zeppelin, The Angels, Rival Sons and The Doors and put them in a blender full of lysergic acid, well.. you would have a big mess and be in a whole lotta trouble. But if you did that with the sounds of those bands, you would maybe approximate the sound of The Brazilians.

We hear you asking gentle reader,  “Why the fu#k is an Australian band called The Brazilians?”

The Brazilians name comes from the original lineup which featured Mark Burke on bass, someone was heard in the audience to comment about Macalpine and Burkes folicle challenged heads “Those bald C#nts kick arse!”  ( In Australia, a Brazilian means a shaved female pubis) and hence, the Brazilians were born.

The Brazilians are:-
Todd Macalpine – Lead Vox, theremin and guitar
Callum “Frullet” Williams Guitar and vox
“Big” Trev Takkos – Drums & Vox
Steff V – Bass & Vox

The Brazilians rock. Has a great tough swagger!!!!! Love it” – Ray Ahn, The Hard Ons

Blending the lyrical wit and wisdom of Supersuckers and the musical chops of AC/DC getting their blues on” – Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture

“This is clearly one of those songs that needs to cranked to 11 to be truly appreciated”  – Nkechie Anele  JJJ Roots ‘N’ All  (On Rise Up)

“World Class” – Irene Barrett,  Rock & Blues Downunder radio show 89.1 Cairns FM

“The most refreshing band I have seen in Cairns in 20 years” – Gordon Sheard, veteran musician

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